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PhotoShop: Free Tutorials
Apache - Windows 2000/XP Guide
Full Web Building Tutorials - All Free
GIMP Tutorials
JavaScript Tutorials List
JavaScript Tutorial
PHP, CSS, Javascript Tutorials
CSS Distance Learning Tutorial
HTML Tutorials for the rest of us
PHP Manual
html forms tutorial
MYSQL Documentation
JavaScript tutorial - Introduction to JavaScript
HTML Tutorial ...
PHP free online examples and tutorials
HTML Form Tutorial
JavaScript and CSS tutorials
Index of Free Tutorials

Gimp: GIMP Tips & Tricks II ... 
Web Developer's Journal - Design & Coding Tips
Linux Tips and Tricks
JavaScript Tips & Tricks
The Nice Mailto Trick

Photo & Images
Image Formats
Some Free Background Textures
Create Text Graphics, Logos, Buttons online and save
Graphics Tips
Thumbnail Image Popups
programs for graphic artists and web designers.
ES Flash XML Photo Compare Gallery
This is the official GIMP web site.
Running Photoshop plug-ins in GIMP
PhotoShop, Free Photoshop-compatible Plugins Text Plastic Creating Gimp:>
Resize and save image via upload form
Image Display
Cheap Brochure Printing
Check out your site in different screen sizes online

JavaScript Coding examples
JavaScript Forms
JavaScript printing a web page
JavaScript mouseover background color
JavaScript - Table of contents
JavaScript Examples
JS/Configurator: A Computer Cost Estimator
JavaScript -Print a frame in a frameset from another
Javascript Contant Management
JavaScript forms
JS CSS Scripts User System/ Preference
Forum How to assign JS to PHP variable
jsMsgbox for Javascript (IE only)
Table Cell Background Colors Change on Mouseover with CSS
Changing a Link's Color
Using the window.open method
Convert hex color code to RGB and RGB to HEX (Hexadecimal)
Color chart with names and hex plus hex hub to thousands of colors
You Want A Basic Color Code
T H E M O T H E R O F A L L H T M L C O L O (U) R C H A R T S
Color Generator Wheel- Pastels and more for web pages
Web color names with hex
Web save colors - converter dec to hex
Web safe colors name, hex, dec, color image
Hexadecimal - Decimal ColorsUchoose
variety of notations used to represent color
Color Coding
web design adventures with Color, Fonts, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL
Event Handlers
JavaScript Date/Time Formats
onMouseOver Javascript example

JavaScript Powered PHP Debugging 
JavaScript Scripts Generators
JavaScript Sorting Arrays
goodies.com/primers/jsp/article.php/3478401 JavaScript Primers
Javascripts & CGI Scripts
Javascript FAQs

Creating Web Forms
HTML Align Tables
Determine if an HTML checkbox is selected
HTML Image Align
HTML Codes
HTML Forms Concepts
Fiddling with Forms and Emulating Events
How to Alternate Table Row Colors in CSS and HTML Template Menu Include PHP
HTML PHP CSS Website Template Maker
Static HTML to PHP includes
PHP HTML Converter to edit template
HTML Tags & Codes
HTML & CSS Tutorials
Form Tips & Tricks
Table Borders
Font size Intervals
DHTML scripts & JavaScripts
How can I display a variable in my HTML page
HTML Textarea
HTML Indenting
radio buttons on an HTML form
codetutorial.com/forms/_SELECT.html> HTML Code Tutorial
HELP_html email link with set subject & body content
Changing Link Colors with CSS
HTML Example- MailTo
Pure CSS Popups
CSS Design: Going to Print
CSS Printing Tables
Table Cell Background Colors Change on Mouseover with CSS
CSS Tutorial - Pseudo Class & Mouseover
CSS Mouseover
CSS and round corners: Borders with curves
CSS - Visual formatting model
Ready Made CSS Scripts
CSS Thumbnails
CSS Visual formatting model
HTML, CSS, JS Basics
Easy CSS Tricks
CSS no print
Using htmlArea and a Database to Maintain Content on a Website - How to Display the Saved Contents

MYSQL Problem Tips
MYSQL Table Editor
MYSQL Table Editor
Manipulating MySQL Tables
MYSQL Commands
MYSQL Gotchas
PHP MYSQL Bookkeeping Example MYSQL Forum
Databases - Field Types
MYSQL Survival Guide
MYSQL Gotchas
PHP and MySQL coding tips
DBDesigner MYSQL Tool
Freeware SQLTools
Examples of using PHP with a MySQL database
How to store pictures in Mysql database?
Storing images in MySql
PHP and MYSQL Code Examples
PHP Code Source Applications MYSQL
MYSQL Import delimited data

PHP Scripts
Pass values from one field to other fields JS PHP
PHP Source Code Examples
PHP Programming Examples
PHP and MYSQL Code Examples
Build an Online Store Today with PayPal, PHP, and MySQL
PHP Refresh a page
PHP file Include Once script
Introduction to File Handlingin PHP
Passing php array to javascript array
Run PHP using the Javascript sentence OnClick

Perl Free Scripts (hundreds)
Perl Tips

Java Programming Examples
Java Boutique

Scripts some free
Browse File Extensions By Name vs appication
cart comparison
Image Slideshows
Table Tutor
Printing the Web
Webmaster Tools: Buttons, Menus, etc
List of Internet slang phrases
basics of generating options in a select box
Content Management
Word HTML Cleaner
Submitting your Web page to Scrub The Web is FREE.
NOP's Free Shopping Cart
Image Slideshows
Webmaster Tools
The Internet's free search engine submission service!
IP Info, see your IP address
Online Webmaster Tools
The largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world.
Using Cookies to Load a Selected Image in a Boilerplate Page
Read your e-mail with PHP!
PHP variable testing functions
PHP Variable Tests
Passing an entire array in PHP
resize Image imagecopyresized
PHP Resize
Dr. Overy's Award-Winning Website -- Web Links 
Course Management System products Moodle with areas IT e-learning
The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities
Apache Server Frequently Asked Questions
Flash Menu Buttons - Parameters
What Size is FONT SIZE? Examples Javascript Free
the ultimate source of free information...
Type Once, get results from up to 37 search engines!
Getting found on the web
Building a school website
Yahoo Site Submitter
Keyword Selector Tool
IECookiesView v1.70
FavoritesView v1.10
Free Webmaster Resources
Submitting To Directories: Yahoo & The Open Directory
How to suggest a site to the Open Directory
Welcome To Anfy (Java™ and Flash™) for Webmasters
Content Management
The largest collection of free background textures on the internet by GRSites
GRSites Button Maker
GRSites Logo Maker
GRSites Menu Maker
GRSites Gallery of buttons and logos
GRSites Absolute Web Graphics
Largest Collection of Free Fonts (6,800) on the Internet by GRSites
Largest Collection of Free Sound Effects (1,980) on the Internet by GRSites

Cheap Brochure Printing
Check out your site in different screen sizes online
Dr. Overy's Award-Winning Website -- Web Links
Web Developer's Journal - Design & Coding Tips
Course Management System products

Gallery Template
Download flash components, fla, swf photo gallery, menu, effects, mask
Created by top slideshow artists. Drop in photos. Blog, email free.
Picasa is a free software download from Google
Picasa template users
Picasa effects instead of Photoshop
Picasa Effects & Templates
List of templates for Picasa
SimpleViewer - Frequently Asked Questions-insert SimpleViewer into a pre-existing HTML page
Lightbox Photo Gallery and Slideshow
SimpleViewer Photo Gallery
30 Scripts For Galleries, Slideshows and Lightboxes
SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash image viewing application
SimpleViewer - Manual Instructions
Zazzle Shop
javascript gallery and slideshow system allows you to have simple and smooth (cross-fading...) image galleries
Set your pictures free
Documenting Picasa
Free Flash Thumbnail Gallery Templates
Samisite Non-Picasa Gallery
Samisite iframe Non-Picasa Gallery
SWF Object Detection Script
Free flash templates
Samisite iframe Non-Picasa Photos
Create an animated Movie in Kool Moves and export as SWF with HTML
Photo Galery Generator non-Picasa
Flash Animation Tools
Hover Box Gallery
Design + Development Resources
Free Picasa Gallery Templates
Simon Gallery
CSS Gallery UK

Search Eng. Ranking Factors
Yahoo Search Guide
Key words analyzer-# times used
Check to see if site is black listed
Website Report Card- In Which Searchs?
Web page analyzer
Website Checker
Website Optimization
Web Page Analyzer

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tools

Scrub your web site for errors
SEQ Lesson
136 SEO Tools
SEQ Search Bump
Keyword Research
webconfs SEO Toolsetl
Create Google sitemaps Tool
Search Who & Crawler sees
Clusty Search
Professional SEO Tools
Trellian SubmitWolf
Search Bill Web Tools Meta Tag Create
Meta TAG Creator

Add URLs to Search Engines
Test Web Content for Quality, Accessibility, and Privacy Issues

You can use Watchfire® WebXACT to scan and analyze any web page for quality, accessibility, and privacy issues.

Watchfire WebXACT

Terms of use Copyright © 2003-2005 Watchfire Corporation. All Rights Reserved

Shockwave Games
The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities
Passing php array to javascript array
A tool that strips proprietary Microsoft tags and other cruft from Word HTML documents, leaving basic formatting intact.
Web design scripts javascript web development ASP scripts PHP scripts Java JavaScripts scripts Perl JSP CGI
CMS Software
Resize and save image via upload form
Linux Tips and Tricks
A mini-tutorial on the Unix/Linux find command
Basic UNIX commands
Common Unix Commands
Delete files based on date
command in unix to remove/delete files in specific date range
The Ultimate Linux Reference Guide for Newbies
umask for files
Anfy (Java and Flash) for Webmasters
Running Photoshop plug-ins in GIMP
Free Photoshop-Compatible Tools
Free Photoshop-compatible Plugins
GIMP Tips & Tricks II
Gimp tutorials
Creating Shining Plastic Text
Bending Spacetime in the Basement
Virtual Tour Lens
Promotional pencils
Devious Derivative Quiz Device
Table Tutor
Free Webmaster Resources
php Copy and resize part of an image

webpageGraphical Images
Free Web Templates - Get free website templates and page layouts, flash templates, business templates
A few free templates
webmaster resources
Internic Companies accredited as registrars by ICANN
Web style study guide
#link Style Sheet -ez to use reference w/examples
#bgcolor html"> Table Tutorial Lesson 2c BGCOLOR & BORDER Attributes
Preformatted Tables - tables icon in RoboHelp
html HELP
Javascript Forms -check box example
Flash Gallery - free
Embed Flash and Video via the object Tag
Stagecast- create interactive simulations, stories, games, and more!
Stagecast Downloader
free online resource for webmasters
A 404 page is what automatically comes up when the file isn't found.
Super-Efficient Image Rollovers
forums.com/acquiring-skill/t-text-overlay-graphic-5338.html"> Mouse roll over examples
Show mouse location example
VisiBone Popups 1.06
Tags Reference
Ted’s Comprehensive html Tutorial
Javascript Reference incl. math examples
Javascript expressions
Swftools.com - 3rd party Flash tools, Flash utilities, Flash applications
30 Scripts For Galleries, Slideshows and Lightboxes
How to Remove Norton Antivirus and Security Products
Manage Google Accounts
How to Create XML Sitemaps-Google
Build your Site Map online
Mississippi Math Framework Revised
Business Forms and Business Letters (free)

Create grsites menu
Encaps.net Photo Album Software PHP Photo Gallery install
Animated JPGs source Use this
Script floating layer
php arrays
Favicon Generator and Gallery
Cheap seo submission ineedhits\
Gradient Effect Generator using font colors
Footer stick to bottom of screen code
dynamic script and style loader examples
Reorganisation of HTML Menu and Sub-Menus
Create CSS Sprites
JavaScript and Ajax Tips & Tutorials - 2008
How to drag and drop in Javascript
Create your own SimpleViewer Gallery Picasa
Programming tools
total mouse control in javascript
Ip Address Location - Find My Ip Address - Ip Lookup
IP Address Locator Tool
IP Location
Javascript - Upload multiple files
JavaScript Animation
Playing sounds independently of mouse movement or page loads?
JavaScript Flash HTML Generator Library (Flash TML)
Javascript: Rotating an iage by mouse movement.
PHP FTP Manual
Just some rough scripts showing uses for PHPs FTP library.
PHP Manual
PHP Shopping Cart
PHP subdomain security risk
PHP - Upload Point-PHP Simple
Drawing Tablets
ArtRage for Tablet
Wacom Tablet - Photoshop tips and tricks
XML Websites https://secure.topxml.com/xml/> Learn XML Tutorial

XML ebook download

Show me Macromedial Flash MX 2004

xara The world's fastest graphics program
Resources for Learning and Using Flash
Flash Tutorials
Flash Tutorials
Flash Tutorials
Flash Tutorials
Flash and Action Tutorials
Flash Memory Game
Flash Tutorials
Flash Tutorials Action Script
Desktop Flash Site Builder 1.0
Swx downloads Native data format for Flash.
Swx - The native format for flash
Swx showcase
Flash, Flx, Action Script etc.
3D Flash Animator is now available
Flash Creations Action Script
Flash Game University Action Script
AS3 Creative Papervision 3D Flash Games
AS3 Tutorial
Papervision home page
Papervision3D wiki
Papervision downloads
Flashdevils Action Script Help
KoolMoves Flash Tools
KoolMoves exchange
Koolmoves necromanthus example
This site created using KoolMoves
Koolmoves FlashKit Community Forum
Flash Tips and Tutorials
How To Make A Flash Button
Flash Animation: Creating an Anagram Animation Using a Guide Layer
Canfieldstudios Flash Examples
Download Macromedia Flash 8
flash components
Flash Reference
3D Flash Animator tools
3DFA Examples
Adobe Drawing Sample color Transformations
How to draw a girl in flash
How to draw basic shapes in flash
How to draw in flash
Scanned drawing
Real-Draw Pro tool for Tablet and PCs
Flash MX 2004 tutorials and help
Flash MX: Creating a quiz application using XML
FLASH XML example
FLASH XML examples
SoThink Flash Products
SoThink Wow Forum
SoThink Handling Keyboard Events
Sparkling Glass Effect in Flash
SWISH Flash Products
Swish Arakanoid Style Game Engine
Flash Lite Code Examples
How to make dynamically fame in Flashlite 1.1
Flash Games Tutorial
How to create a flash draw game
FlashDevelop 2.0 Open Source alternatives
FlashDevelop Getting Started
FlashDevelop Getting Started +
FlashDevelop Community
FlashDevelop Community
FlashDevelop Community
FlashDevelop Community
FlashDevelop Community
FlashDevelop AS3 develop in FlashDevelop
Create a Flash Game like Bloons Tutorial
Drawing in Flash
Drawing in Flash
Classic games
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