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BrainPond LLC History
Work on began in early 2005.  The concepts used in its framework and design are based on experiences in business and education.  For businesses, BrainPond LLC will customize an Internet solution that fits your business goals and can provide turn-key solutions. For educators, the core premise is that educators will use tools that help their students achieve performance and mastery goals.  

BrainPond LLC can provide everything from simple HTML web page designs to complex php/html/javascript dynamic websites that can include MySql data storage to shopping cart commerce solutions.  
The systems used by BrainPond LLC are located in the DataCenter environment. has built a safe, reliable and dependable environment for its valued customers to host their websites within Equinix's IBX $110 Million state-of-art datacenter in Chicago Illinois. Equinix datacenters are among the best in its industry and provide customers unparalleled network performance and scalability. Already other major players in IT industry put their trust in Equinix datacenters such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Sony Online, General Electric, Electronic Arts, Hotwire to name just a few! Equinix datacenter features a state-of-art security system including 5 layers of biometrics palm scanners to enter and leave the facility, over 600 video cameras with 30 day digital recording, along with kevlar floors and walls. In addition our customers have peace of mind knowing that in the event of any local power shortages, Equinix offers N+1 Redundant UPS Systems backed up by 6 250 kW Onan/Cummins diesel generators with 36 hours of fuel will make sure their websites remain live.

As we believe that having the latest, highest standard equipment is a necessity for providing the safest and most reliable environment for our customers, has recently made a huge financial investment buying brand new state-of-art servers and equipment including cabinets, APC, Cisco switches, Fiber drops, routers and etc, all protected inside our secure cage at Equinix. In addition with our highly skilled technical staff having physical access to our servers, our customers can be rest assured that any issues will always be resolved promptly and efficiently.

The founder, David Gray, has more than 25 years of business and technology experience with small and large Fortune 500 companies.
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